Thursday 20 March 2008

Physio and other exercise thoughts

Today I made my semi-regular trek over to East Greenwich to see my Physio. Despite the fact that I haven't done as much of my exercises as I ought to have done (I found it very tiring when I was back at work for a week and a half) he is still pleased with my progress. I have the hang of the 'pelvic tilt' exercises (I even remember to breathe instead of holding my breath whilst I concentrate), and I managed to walk backwards across the hall - given my difficulties even going forwards that was quite an achievement! So he's happy enough to tentatively discharge me (as long as keep up the exercises), good from the point of view of not having to trek to East Greenwich.

Ask anyone, I've never been much of one for exercise. Twice in my life I have joined gyms. The first time ended in bitter dispute after I moved forty-five miles away and the gym refused to see this as a reasonable inconvenience and that I would want to cancel my membership (one year membership, obviously I didn't know I was moving when I took it out). The next time I made sure that there was no minimum term on the membership - the problem this time was finding the time to go. Long hours culture meant that I never had time in the week, and there was always something else needed doing at the weekend.

I have a strange collection of 'home gym' items now; including a pilates ball (very comfortable for sitting on), a skipping rope (which I tend to fall over), a step machine (with no handles so I fall off it as soon as get on it) and various other items all of which have been used a few times and discarded. When my legs/balance are recovered maybe I will try and find a gym near my office - I fear it is the only way it will ever happen!