Sunday 23 March 2008

More British weather

Today it is serious about snowing. When I woke up there were huge flakes swirling around, and settling quite enthusiastically on the grass. Since then the flakes have got smaller and mostly melted away with only a few surfaces still covered. I'm quite pleased about this, the sooner it stops snowing the sooner it gets a bit warmer and more spring-like.

I remember when I was younger it quite often snowed at Easter. Several times the local schools were shut because of snow. We'd all tune in to BBC Radio Kent to hear them read out the list of schools that were closed (ah, diligent scholars that we were!). There were occasions that for one reason or another the school didn't close, and we'd try and struggle in. Fond memories of being given hot chocolate in the school hall to warm up, and classes of five or six people as most people didn't bother battling with the elements.