Tuesday 4 March 2008

A sad tale from modern life

One of the features of modern office dwelling are the pigeons who will colonise any suggestion of a ledge attached to a building. I think that every office that I've worked in has had a pigeon population, usually outside the toilet windows incessantly cooing!

My mother works in a very modern office building. Glassy and tall with non-opening windows as the whole place is air-conditioned. Even they are not exempt from the scourge of pigeons though!

Recently on the outside of one of the non-opening windows a pigeon decided to set up home. Not just a temporary perch but a precariously constructed nest! Despite the constant occupation of the office on the other side of the glass Mrs Pigeon started to nest and produced two eggs.

However, the constant scrutiny did unsettle the avian mother. Eventually the unlikely nest was deserted. Due to the non-opening nature of the windows the two forlorn abandoned eggs remain in the nest constructed on the perilous ledge as a monument to the uncertainties of modern urban dwelling for pigeons!