Wednesday 5 March 2008


Last night my phone had a fight with the sharp corner of the coffee table. The coffee table one and the screen on my phone now boasts an enormous crack.

This morning I called the insurance company to make a claim on the insurance. That was the easy part. If I paid the £30 excess they told me they would be able to send me a new phone in the next 2-3 days. Sure, I thought easy. Not so much. They don't have my phone (a rather lovely Nokia 5300). They were however able to offer three alternatives, two Nokias or an Ericsson. I've always like Nokias but the ones that they offered were a bit basic looking, and one of them didn't even have a camera! The other alternative was a Sony Ericsson. Not bad phones - Rich has had several and likes them a lot. I still wanted my phone though - having just bought a new memory card for it (at some expense) - no problem the 'fulfilment department' could source a phone - trouble was that can take up to 10 days!

Further research, however, concluded that the new memory card was a waste of money as it is twice as large as the phone supports (oops). Back to the drawing board. Doesn't really matter which phone it is (it'll only last until the next upgrade anyway)... so I decided to go with the Sony, as Rich pointed out - at least he can help me understand it! So, it should be here in 2-3 days. Hurrah.

Moral of the story, don't let expensive electronic equipment collide with sharp edges. No good will come of it.