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About Me

From North Greenwich to Green Park

I was born in Hampstead 30-something years ago and lived there until I was seven, when my parents decided to move to the countryside (Kent). I spent the next thirteen years living in a village a few miles from a moderate sized town.

When I left to school I went to University first in Surrey for a year (where I studied music) and then back to Kent (where I studied to be a Quantity Surveyor).

I have never lived more than fifty miles from London and I have always worked in London... which is good as I really love London. Now I live in Charlton and work in Mayfair so I spend pretty much all my time in and around London.

I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2002, which has had a fairly major impact on my life. I have difficulty walking so I use crutches most of the time, and on bad days a wheelchair.

Things I like to do when I'm not working... I love American Football, Baseball, F1 and Football. I spent an idyllic fortnight in New York back in 1999 and so I support the New York teams. The Yankees and the Giants are my favourite teams in MLB and NFL. Watching F1 I like Red Bull Racing (who I have followed since back when they were Jaguar). Football is what brought me and my Fiancé together - we met in a pub after a Charlton match (we're both big Charlton fans).
I spend a lot of time with computers at work and at home.

I enjoy maintaining web-pages (see 'My Other Pages') and generally surfing the net.

I am a big reader... pretty much since I learned to read I've always had at least one book on the go. Sci-fi and Fantasy are my favourite genres, but I also like historical novels and biographies. I have recently purchased a Kindle so I'll be able to read even more books at the same time!

Other things I like to do... watching TV/movies, playing computer games (my Xbox 360 and I have a very close relationship!) and digital photography.

I love animals. We were without a pet for a while after our beloved cat Molly died; but then we got two new bundles of (fast growing) kitten - Tink and Cass (our little black cats). Sadly Tinker died suddenly earlier this year; so Casper is an only cat at the moment. We've got a tank of goldfish (CJ, Danny, Abbey, T'ealc, and Gus) and a dynasty of goldfish in the pond in the garden (not named!). The wildlife in the garden also keeps me amused on sunny weekends.

About Me