Monday 10 March 2008

Bus stop and weather update

This evening I found in my inbox a reply from London Buses. They tell me that the Cemetery Lane bus stop is being "returned to use" today, and that Greenwich Council will be cleaning the area. Further, that their "Infrastructure Controller" will be visiting the area to ensure all is in good order.

I do not really think that moving the temporary bus stop to within a few feet of the actual bus stop is returning the bus stop to use. I do not think that moving the (mostly dead) flowers from the immediate vicinity of the seats and piling them next to the shelter (largely blocking the pavement) is cleaning the area. I hope that their infrastructure controller will order the 'out of use' sign to be removed from the stop and the temporary stop taken away. Then all will be in good order.

Shortly after I wrote at lunch I had to pop out to the post office (about a block from my office). At which point it started raining in earnest again, despite having shown no signs of raining whatsoever during lunch up until this point. Having finally dried myself out I was therefore soggy and damp all over again. I suppose I should be grateful that I got from the bus to the house this evening without any serious showers falling on me.