Saturday 15 March 2008

Sluggish Saturday

Despite having now spent the best part of forty-eight hours resting in bed I am still feeling weak and feeble (feak and weeble as we use to say when we were kids). This leads (obviously) to more time pottering with the laptop... as previously established, often a dangerous occupation.

Not always though. I've had some good customisation experiences in the last couple of days. I've 'tweaked' my Firefox to improve the memory usage and screen layout. Anyone who says that Firefox and Vista don't have memory issues is talking from their behind. I run Firefox at home and in the office, but the office computer uses half as much memory to run Firefox as the laptop. The office computer runs XP and the laptop runs Vista. Anyway this article and this article were invaluable resources for me to make my Firefox and leaner, smoother browsing experience.

Anyone who is familiar with Firefox (and now the latest version of Internet Explorer) will be familiar with the concept of tabbed browsing. Brilliant space saving idea reducing the need for half a dozen open windows in your taskbar. This programme does just this for Windows Explorer... everything you'll ever need on your computer right at your finger tips... check out this article which explains installation and set up (trust me, you won't be able to work it out otherwise!).

The weather has taken a turn for the distinctly un-Springlike, and indeed it has been drizzling quite a bit the last day or so.

The colonisation of the fish pond by the South East London frog population continues. Dozens and dozens of frogs. Some are being extremely clichéd and sitting in the middle of the pond going "gribbit". Talking about clichés - the fish are at it too. It is supposed to be a myth that goldfish have a three second memory. The occupants of the fish pond are doing their best to disprove this, managing to completely forget that the netting has been taken up at the near end of the pond to allow them to feed, and instead swimming around hopelessly under the netting. Stupid fish.

Talking of stupid creatures, despite my efforts yesterday of releasing ladybugs back into the wild (seriously, I must have thrown about 20 out of the window) there don't appear to be any less today. Clearly they are coming in through a hole in the reveal somewhere and through another gap in the frame. Rich suggest leaving them for a few days and seeing if numbers increase to plague levels or whether the population stabilises, thus finding out how many of them there really are and whether or not they are coming back in!

Ladybugs... frogs... fish... I really need to get out more!