Wednesday 26 March 2008

Wednesday things

I don't know why when the Neurology department is open on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays that it should be that my appointments are always on Wednesdays; but they are. Today I had to go and see my nurse up at the hospital (along with attendant blood tests). On my way I was delighted to note that the Cemetery Lane bus stop has finally had the floral tributes removed and has been returned to use; after only nearly three months. I managed the half mile walk from my house to the hospital, which takes me up Cemetery Lane and past the actual cemetery. I'm never sure how much it is in good taste to have a cemetery opposite a hospital... very practical though.

I was delighted to find, after I had seen the nurse, that the blood test department was uncharacteristically completely empty. Usually the need for blood tests engenders about an hour of waiting, today they called my number before the receptionist had finished printing off the labels! Must get a lunchtime appointment more often. It was a good blood test today as well. I've always been scared of needles; to the point that very often the process of a blood test or vaccination would have me on the floor in a faint. I considered sometimes what on earth I would do if I were ever ill and requiring of regular injections. I found out when I started taking DMDs (Disease Modifying Drugs) for my MS and had to inject myself; first on a weekly basis and now every other day. I found it very like sea-sickness; I always get sea-sick, except when I have sailed with friends and been involved in crewing the boat. Injecting myself was surprisingly easy (I would say painless, but it does hurt); the very first time I was a bit nervous, and ever after there's been no problem. I've also got much better at blood tests, unless of course the nurse has trouble finding a vein or whatever, if it goes on too long and my brain has a chance to catch up then I still start to feel faint. Apparently if you have MS you can't give blood, so I don't have to feel guilty about that... I don't think I could pretend that wasn't happening!

This morning my Bluetooth 'dongle' arrived. Given the last time we tried this with a computer (some years ago it is true) the whole thing was an unmitigated disaster and I ended up selling the thing on eBay in a fit of pique... well, let's just say I was prepared for failure. I couldn't have been more surprised (or delighted) when my phone and laptop started 'talking' to each other. Technology works! Just need to convert the rest of my peripherals to wireless or bluetooth now, the whole cable management thing on my little desk is way out of control!