Friday 8 January 2010

More snow and ice

All you can see in our snow covered garden right now are various animal tracks. Top left - foxes and cats have been crossing the lawn. Top right - a bird walked around in a circle! Bottom left - a popular patch for birds; bottom right - our front drive is a short-cut for the local foxes!

The ice is pretty thick on the pond now - hopefully the pond life is all hibernating in the deepest part now. Some very brave (or foolish) animals have been taking short-cuts across the ice!

Yes, it is entirely as cold out as it looks. I can at last enjoy the beauty of the snow, as today I don't have to go to work.

First thing in the morning the sun hits the front of the house. Some of the snow on the roof has been melting and dripping; from the roof... to the window cills... and down... and down... leaving us with a lot of icicles.
Wow! They are quite something, aren't they?!