Sunday 30 June 2013

Busy Times

It is now less than two weeks until our wedding; things have been pretty busy round here! Last Saturday was my Hen Night... it was a fantastic evening out with friends and family. We did some wine tasting at Vinopolis and then went and had dinner at Tas (the restaurant part of Ev).

My amazing friends had all got me little gifts... I had to guess who gave the gift from what the gift was. Such thought and effort, I will treasure them all (except the bits I'm going to eat!).

We did (of course) have a round of 'Mr and Mrs' which is what led to the excessive amount of pinkness adorning me!

It was the best Hen Night I could imagine... but it did take me Sunday and Monday to recover!!

Hen Night, a set on Flickr.

With impeccable timing my company had decided that the end of June (with less than 3 weeks to go to my wedding) would be a perfect time to send me to Scotland to do some training. I love visiting Scotland, I can just about deal with a flight that short... but again, exhausting! 

It isn't the first time I've done this... fly to Glasgow, stay over and get a train to Edinburgh before flying back the next day. Last time I went the hotel booking had only made the reservation and I had to chase down Practice Partners on the phone to pay for the room. This time we went one better. The hotel booking turned out to have been for 3 weeks previously. No room at the inn. Robbie Williams was playing Glasgow so the hotels were a wee bit busy. It was like '99 when I went to NYC and the travel agent told me it would be easier to book a hotel once I got there, neglecting to mention that the City Marathon was taking place and everywhere was booked up. That time I thought I'd be sleeping in Grand Central Station, this time it would have been Glasgow Queen Street. The Practice Partners stepped up once again and found me a room, panic averted.

The training all went well, so a worthwhile trip as it went.

A gin bath!Sunrise in LondonSunrise in LondonReady to flyBreakfastStill at 30,000ft
Pale moon (rising)CoffeeWeather front?At the officeGoing upView from...
The roomCasperR2-D2In the barFood!All gone
WatchingGood eveningGlasgowGlasgow againView from the roomI had a good sleep
Scotland 2013, a set on Flickr.

Sunday Social (56)

Sunday Social

Linking up with Ashley and Neely again

1. What is your favourite movie of all time?
Gone with the Wind. I loved the book and I love the movie too. Vivien Leigh made me want to be Scarlett.

2. What is your favourite movie quote?
I could choose something meaningful, or something profound... but I'm going to go with the one that popped into my head when I read the question from Star Wars when Luke is rescuing Princess Leia and she asks "Aren't you a little short for a Storm Trooper". Not just a funny line either, as future movies (far future) go to prove when we discover Storm Troopers are clones, so he really is a little short!
3. What is the best movie to watch for a girls night in?
Amazingly this is something I've never done! When the Better-half is on his stag do next weekend me, myself and I shall be having a girls night in and I've a bunch of rentals that I hope LoveFilm send me. Has to be some sort of 'Chick Flick'... or maybe Gone with the Wind (see above).
4. What is the best breakup movie?
Definitely don't have one. Something weepy? Actually can't think of anything off the top of my head.
5. Who would you want to play you in a movie about your life?
Somebody cool who can act... as I recently discovered playing 'Mr and Mrs' at my Hen Night that the Better-half's celebrity crush is Emma Caulfield I might go for her.
6. Which movie star's closet would you want to raid?
No idea. I pay absolutely no attention to their comings and goings and certainly have no idea what they are wearing! I'm very conservative, so probably none of the...


Goodbye old friend

Tomorrow, for reasons which were explained but still seem inadequate, Google is retiring Google Reader.

Google Reader (when I first started using it) made perfect sense. Most of the blogs I read were hosted on Blogger (owned by Google) and it was easy to put them into Reader.

Is it that Google and Blogger have slowly but surely lost their stranglehold on Blogging to Wordpress? Do Google just want to grow in other areas? Whatever the reason, if you use Reader and haven't yet hooked up with another service you need to visit Google Takeout now and download your feeds for future use. All we can say is, thank you Reader for your years of service... you will be missed!