Monday 10 March 2008

Stormy weather

As promised the country was battered by gale force winds and driving rain this morning. As promised during the morning rush hour. As promised general travel chaos ensued (as it always does whenever the weather varies from mild and sunny).

I got to the bus stop to find that the temporary bus stop had been moved back to the regular bus stop, not officially - I think by disgruntled passengers who wanted some shelter. I had to wait a while until a bus arrived. Not so happy as I was soaking wet (managing The Stick and an umbrella in high winds just isn't feasible). I got on the bus only to find that my ticket had expired and my Oyster had no money. So I had to get back off the bus again and walk all the way down to the newsagents to put some money on the card. Then I had to wait another twenty minutes for a North Greenwich bus to turn up (clearly buses don't like it when it rains).

Two hours door to door. Unimpressed.