Tuesday 27 October 2015

Shaken Not Stirred?

In advance of the latest James Bond movie the debate re-ignites on the perfect Martini. Gin Mare got in touch with me to share some interesting information on the perfect recipe for Bond's iconic cocktail.

Mixologist Stuart Bale from Strangehill shared his findings to make the perfect martini.

The perfect martini should actually be stirred (not shaken), made with gin (not vodka) and ideally (probably depending on the gin used) garnished with a strawberry (not an olive).

Olives were used in drinks to help release flavours but using a small amount of salt works better, a garnish of fruit helps release the botanicals in the gin.

Below is the recipe shared by Gin Mare:-


50ml Gin Mare

25ml Lillet Blanc

0.5ml salt solution*

1 small whole strawberry 


Add all ingredients to a metal mixing tin filled with ice. Stir for between 20-30 seconds, until the drink is chilled and diluted appropriately. Taste using a straw, until ready and strain into a chilled, stemmed or coupe cocktail glass.


Half a strawberry on cocktail stick

*Salt solution

20g Sea salt, dissolved in 100ml water