Saturday 1 March 2008

Shopping and Tagging

I had to 'pop' out to the shops this afternoon to buy something for dinner tomorrow (as you do). I had pretty much decided to go to Asda - based on the fact that I also needed some wrapping paper and I know they have a good card/gift department there. Unfortunately it seems that the entire population of the Borough were also off to Asda/Greenwich Shopping Park this afternoon. The traffic for the set of car parks there (Asda and the two shopping parks) were queueing back along the road from both exits... and the whole car park was full of stationary traffic. Choice made. Off to Sainsbury's then. By contrast the car park there was practically empty! No queues (to speak of) at the check-outs either. Not much of a shopping experience. In Sainsbury's there are always plenty of displays offering to sell you gifts for whichever is the next holiday (currently Mother's Day, previously Valentine's Day, next stop Easter). They will also sell you cards. What will they not sell you? What did I want to buy? Gift wrap! You can buy a gift, but you can't give it as they have no gift wrap! Rubbish Sainsbury's - really rubbish.

I've spent a busy afternoon with the photos on my computer. Vista and it's organisational skills. Can't be beaten. I decided to 'tag' all my photos. Those of you familiar with Facebook will be familiar with 'tagging' (although it is other people on Facebook). It is a superb way to organise photos... especially for the permanently confused who devise complicated filing structures and then can't remember where they left things! Each photo can have as many 'tags' as you need... things like 'family' or 'friends' or whatever. The next time you want to find a photo - simple stuff, just go to the tag lists and there they all are. Next stop, finish transferring all the old non-digital photos onto the computer... my memories will be totally 21st Century!