Thursday 13 March 2008

Musical musings

So, here I am back in bed again. Seemingly the good work done by the steroids appears to have ceased. Whether due to the course of steroids finishing, or my overdoing things and 'running before I can walk' who knows. Enough to say my remission has relapsed!

So, lying in bed... feeling sorry for myself... I decide to play some music. At which point I fall out with iTunes (again). For some reason iTunes insists on placing it's Album Artwork on my C:/ drive, despite the fact that the default path for iTunes is my external hard drive and all the music and podcasts and everything else are stored there! Everytime I open iTunes I delete the Artwork folder from my C:/ drive and everytime I open iTunes it puts a copy back there. Megabytes worth. And as my laptop's hard drive isn't huge (only 80GB) I am sensitive about what lives there! It looks like a fight that we are going to keep on having.

The actual music (once we got going) was good though. I finally have managed to get a selection of music into iTunes that covers all eventualities from classic to modern from folk to pop from rap to electric and pretty much anything in between. People who know me will find this amusing as I am not known for my wide ranging musical taste. In fact, until I left school my taste pretty much didn't move beyond 'classical' music. I was given a portable CD player for my 18th birthday, and I think that it was several years before I owned more than half a dozen CDs!

At school I studied music fairly seriously, and indeed I took a year of a music degree before I realised that anything that I would be qualified for upon finishing wasn't actually what I wanted as a career. To the exclusion of pretty much everything else I always chose the likes of Beethoven, Mozart, et al.

Rich has been trying to update my woeful musical knowledge ever since we have known each other (his tastes are wide ranging and varied) but he has many years of neglect to counteract!