Monday 26 September 2016

What we've been watching (September)

We watch quite a lot of movies; at the moment LOVEFiLM send us two discs every week... although I'm always considering the best way to get our movies.

So this is what we watched in September - come back to see what October has brought us.

The Big Short
Set in the housing and mortgage crisis of the mid-2000s the film is about the man who saw it coming and those who didn't. A strong cast and a well written movie.

Eye in the Sky
Another case of an all-star cast doesn't always make a great film. Got bored and switched off a long way before.

A British film which started in a half-hearted manner and just became strange, to the point where we switched off and stopped watching.

A poor man's "Cube" dark and fragmented, another one that got switched off.

A time travel machine and plots to steal the machine which lead to more time travel. Made it to the end of the film but I had to have a great deal of the plot explained to me... Husband enjoyed the film but I did not.

What really happened in Shakespeare's 'lost' years. The cast of "Horrible Histories" imagine the story...