Friday 27 February 2015

Photo fun

I own a lot of cameras. There is one on my cell phone (which as it is made by Samsung is a pretty good camera), there is my Samsung compact and there is my Sony DSLR.

Original photo
Edited photo
It's not just making my cat's eyes greener and glow brighter; there is making a good photo better and more compelling.

Original photo
Edited photo
I had a lot of great photography tips today from a chap I met whilst buying a photography magazine in WHSmiths. Hints and tips on what to buy, how to compose photos and apps for my phone. One of the better monthly shop experiences.

Used to edit the above photos

Skywatch Friday (69)

Shining clouds

A week in London


Me and Casper
Casper selfie
Having a nap (on me)
Take control of the bed!


Danny and Alicia
Danny whilst friends hide
Carey and Danny
Casper attempting to watch 'Fish TV'


Breezy day from inside the house

Snuggled up watching TV on the Sofa of Sloth


One of the many building site I pass on my way to work
View from the Bridge (Westminster of course)
Roadworks (everywhere)
Cold weather sunrise


Said the raven "Nevermore"
Another wet day
Flowers found in a cupboard at work!


Grey day in Greenwich Park
Another damp morning on the Bridge
Hot coffee all morning
Traffic, traffic everywhere


Monthly shop day
Specially wrapped squirrel doorstop
Cool new shopping bag, make me smile

Sunday 8 February 2015

Green feathered friends


An album by TheMrsNatG
2015-02-08 12.24.422015-02-08 12.24.38
2015-02-08 12.24.35

Our exotic friends are back hanging around the garden. Being that it is heading towards Spring I'm hoping they are thinking about starting a family!

Lunch in the park

London is full of fantastic green spaces; lungs breathing amongst the buildings and traffic of the City. The parks range in size from huge open spaces under the auspices of the Royal Parks; to smaller local areas; wild open heaths; gardens in the middle of squares and all the gardens attached to houses.

The Royal Borough of Greenwich, where I live, is full of green open spaces.

On Friday I was changing buses at Blackheath Royal Standard, I stopped (briefly as it was very cold), for lunch in the park - this is being the tiny square of grass in the middle of the roudabout that is the Standard, Batley Park.

I was going to sit and read my Kindle for a bit (memories of lunch in Central Park) but the wind-chill was biting, so I shared some crumbs with the pigeon gang and went home.

CokeBatley ParkBatley Park
Pigeon gangWinter trees
Cheese and Onion PastyFlorentine
Bus stop