Sunday 9 March 2008

Sunday, lazy Sunday

The whole going back to work experience has left me completely exhausted this weekend. So much so that I haven't left the house, and indeed yesterday spent quite a lot of the day in bed.

I did potter around in the afternoon, to the extent of playing the piano for a while. I murdered some Mozart and bashed up some Beethoven... it had been a while and my fingers were slow and generally a bit rusty.

Saturday night is movie night in our house. Last night we watched "We are Marshall". It tells the tale of a University whose entire football team and nearly entire coaching staff was killed in a plane crash and their subsequent struggle to rebuild the programme. It was a really good film, especially if you like football... but even if you don't. It stars the lovely Matthew McConaughey and the equally lovely Matthew Fox.

Watching a football movie reminded me of course how sad I am because the NFL season is over, although I am still enjoying the glory of the Giants winning the Superbowl. Football is one of my favourite sports to watch - it is one of the few sports I can enjoy as much when I don't really care who wins the game as when I do. Also, as there are (relatively) few games during the season it is really easy to keep up completely with what is going on.

The upside to Spring is that the baseball season is nearly upon us. I love watching baseball, but because there are so many games played all through the week it means that mostly they are on in the middle of the night during the week - getting up and going to work and baseball are usually mutually exclusive to me! However, the advent of the V+ Box and total absence of much to watch on regular TV means that I might even get to see a few more games this year.