Wednesday 20 February 2008

Winter and traffic in SE7

Despite the odd spring-like moments it would appear to be definitely still winter in SE7. The fog (mist?) never really lifted yesterday and you could hardly see the houses across the way from my bedroom window. Even the ladybugs seem to have pretty much gone back to sleep!

Bit of a quiet day again. My poorly chest is making me feel quite lethargic, no bad thing as it makes it easier to stay in bed which is where I am supposed to be!

One of the amusing points of the day was probably traffic related. Molly the Cat had to go back to the vet again today to have a check up on her stitches etc. The vet is very pleased with her (Molly not so much to be dragged all the way down there in the basket, but such is life). This had to be done around 5pm. Charlton/Woolwich rush hour. Excellent. They are still 'replacing London's Victorian Water Mains' along the top road, causing chaos and confusing (and missing bus stops) to all users. None of the side roads off the main road are signalled controlled. As you can imagine this leads to the most terrible traffic manners! Add to this the chaos in our street, which has parking bays on the end at both sides still being used as site compounds/welfare facilities etc. It is hard to turn in, it is hard to turn out. It is hard to cut across the traffic whether it is coming through the lights or queueing for the lights. Coming home we successfully navigated the signal control, only to blocked from entering our street by queuing traffic. When I sounded my horn for somebody to move, instead of making space for me to pass the car pulled forward and blocked the street. I wouldn't have minded so much if the signals had been green and they could have moved... but still red people!!! Ah well. The speed the rolling roadblock of roadworks is going they will soon be off down the hill!

The other amusing traffic related incident was the man in the transit. He decided to park in one of the few remaining bays towards the end of the street. I could see he wasn't going to make it into the gap (he would have had to have parallel parked), Rich could see he wasn't going to make it into the gap, the assorted pedestrians in the road could see he wasn't going to make it into the gap. He dived in forwards and stopped at a pretty much 30 degree angle to the kerb. And then got out the van to have a look, presumably to see if he could leave the van like that (!). He then proceeded to stand and scratch his head, as if wondering what had gone wrong! Van too big... gap too small.