Friday 28 March 2008

Movie nights

Usually Saturday night is movie night in our house, but due to the paucity of TV at the moment any night can now be movie night.

On Wednesday it was Kevin Costner in 'Mr Brooks'. I didn't think much to his one, I found the pace extremely slow and the writing unremarkable. Then again, had I known it was Kevin Costner I probably wouldn't have watched it as the last two movies of his I saw (JFK and Dances with Wolves) weren't exactly hits with me.

Last night the movie in question was Oliver Stone's 'World Trade Center'. Again, had I remembered it was Oliver Stone I probably wouldn't have watched it. I've only seen two of his other movies (well, in their entirity anyway) and those were JFK (again) and Born on the Fourth of July, both of which I found interminable. This one didn't buck the trend. Over two hours and really not a lot happened. I was expecting much more rescues from the Towers, or something. Two guys stuck in rubble for the majority of the film, not exactly thrilling cinema. Oh yeah, and it took about 40 minutes to dig them out, in movie terms that is practically real time!

I don't know what Saturday's movie will be, but I'm hoping for something that I enjoy more than those two!