Tuesday 27 October 2009

Streets of SE7

Suddenly the safety bollards along the main road have begun sprouting notices; courtesy, of course, of Greenwich Council. The object is to get people to clear up after their dogs. I'm all for it. Our house is between the main road and a park popular with dog walkers; I cannot count the occasions that I have stepped in excrement. I am doubtful as to how they are going to enforce these rules and levy any fines - the only on I don't see being regularly broken is the 'maximum four dogs per walker' rule.

Recently they were up to their usual tricks of digging up the road and causing traffic chaos, removing bus stops, etc. etc. There is now a sign nearby where the roadworks used to be warning of a slippery road surface; you can see why, dozens of leaves have adhered to the newly finished carriageway (although only on one side of the road!).