Friday 14 March 2008

The Frog Blog?

After our hard work at the weekend in making sure that the pond was 'netted-up' and ready for the onslaught of the frog-spawn season I thought that we were done with worrying about the fish pond for the year. I was wrong. Yesterday the pond looked fine. There were a couple of sagging bits in the netting, but OK apart from that. It seems that the frog population really went to town over-night. This morning most of the netting was submerged, dragged down by the weight of the frog-spawn. I looked out of the window (whilst evicting yet more ladybugs) and the pond was positively boiling with frogs! I blame global warming. The frogs are early this year, and the lilypads and reeds aren't ready for them. There is nowhere for them to hold on to whilst they lay (?) their frog-spawn. So they all jumped on the netting and when it gave way the obviously decided that it made the perfect nursery. I wouldn't have been so worried, but I couldn't see how we were going to feed the fish with the netting being about a centimetre below water level. We peeled back a bit of netting in the end, and the fish appear to have figured it out as they were all last seen at that end of the pond.

(Edited 19:31 - unfortunately I'm having some trouble uploading the video so have temporarily taken the link down).