Friday 11 August 2023

Seven Dials

If you walk north from Covent Garden heading towards Shaftesbury Avenue you will come across Seven Dials.

Earlham Street, Monmouth Street and Mercer Street intersect each other and they are joined by Short's Gardens.

Original plans, the Seven Dials website tells us, had six streets and a church but the final development had seven streets with no church, maximizing the land value of the area.

The pillar at the centre of Seven Dials has only six dials, the pillar itself across sad the seventh dial.

Friday 23 December 2022

London Eye

The London Eye, originally known as the Millennium Wheel, opened to visitors on 31 December 1999. Along with the Millennium Dome (now The O2) it was part of London's Millennium celebration.

The planning consent originally ran for five years which was then extended. The current consent express in 2028 so operator Merlin Entertainments is applying to Lambeth Council to extend this.

With over 3m visitors every year, the London Eye is London's most popular paid for tourist attraction.

Thursday 27 February 2020

Leicester Square Statues

Celebrating a century of cinema a set of new statues were unveiled today in Leicester Square. The bronze representations of movie stars and characters are placed around the Square.

Most of them are around the main grass area in the centre, although Batman and Wonder Woman take a few more moments to find

Approaching from the south west corner the first character I came across was Bugs Bunny, straight out of his rabbit hole surrounded by carrots!

Next up is Gene Kelly hanging from a lamp-post as Don Lockwood from 'Singing in the Rain' - happily although it was raining heavily when they were unveiling them this morning the sun was out by lunchtime!

Not far up from him Mary Poppins and her umbrella were coming in to land. Given the earlier weather there were plenty of people with their own brollies trying to recreate the moment...

Taking a break on benches in the central area were Mr Bean and Paddington bear - quite a crowd of people here waiting to take selfies!

Also in this area Charlie Chaplin watching the world go by.

Just to the north of the Square bursting through a wall, Wonder Woman. I'm guessing the purple cloth spoiling the view was left from the shroud that was removed at the unveiling?!

On the roof of the Odeon on the east side of the Square, keeping an eye on proceedings, is Batman. Quite a steep view to look up, but the view from the far side of the square is interrupted by trees.

The last pair I saw, as I walked back along the south side of the Square were Laurel and Hardy - again the immediate view was a little interrupted by a tree. I suppose the trees are better now that they are leafless then they will be come Summer!

You can visit the statues in Leicester Square until 30th June.