Monday 14 April 2008

Oh Dear, O2

The Jubilee Line was beyond packed this evening. At first I thought this was because our train was 'regulating it's service' and spending at least 5 minutes at every station between Waterloo and Canary Wharf. When there was a mass exodus at North Greenwich I quickly changed my mind and surmised that the O2 must be to blame.

The crowd control barriers were up on platform 3. They finally seem to have learnt that a single tensile barrier just encourages people to duck under, so tonight there were two tapes between every post, and a very complex arrangement right by the escalator just to make sure.

I like to amuse myself by trying to gauge from the crowds what entertainment is on offer at the venue. I was puzzled tonight as there seemed to me a large amount of young (ish) boys and a good dose of kids. I forgot that the O2 doesn't just do music. A quick visit to the website satisfied my curiosity. World Wrestling Entertainment. All is explained.

Green Park station, incidentally, continues in it's transformation. Even more tiles have been stripped away in the ticket hall and the rough remains have been covered with heavy duty plastic-paper. Very attractive. The station deserves better. It is the first/last station before hitting the new stretch of the Jubilee Line (which has some frankly amazing stations) and as it is the station recommended to alight for Buckingham Palace (and other tourist attractions) it really needs to be more inviting. I can't wait to see what it looks like when it is finished!