Wednesday 9 April 2008

Home Working

Home working is recommended for all sorts of reasons. Help save the planet, bin the daily commute; work from home! Help unburden the over-taxed public transport infrastructure, bin the daily commute; work form home! If you have poor health, or child-care issues; once again, the ideal solution. I've always liked working from home. I first utilised it many (many) years ago on the occasion of a train strike (back when I lived a 40 minute train ride from London) and there was no alternative means of getting into town. Since then I've taken advantage of this modern method on days when I've needed to wait in for tradesmen or deliveries, had to schedule around medical appointments, and most recently when I've simply not been physically up to the daily commute.

With the internet connecting me to my office email (and indeed if I wanted I could arrange a dial-in connection to my desktop computer), with mobile phones, with all sorts of means of digitally storing and transporting information... who needs the office? Less phone calls and more productive time. The only thing I miss are my colleagues. It is rather lonely working on your own!