Thursday 3 April 2008

Frog emergency

Before I went to bed last night I went out into the garden to see how the occupants of the pond were doing.

We were very concerned to find a small frog tangled in the netting. At first we thought it was was just his foot that was tangled, but we soon discovered that he was completely caught, and had somehow got his head and arms into various knots.

Rich eventually managed to cut out the section of netting so he could take the poor little fellow into the house (better light) and gently cut away all the strands that were round his head and feet. Eventually he was free, and we put him into the smaller pond (our Frog Pond) whereupon he swam off to the bottom of the pond (hopefully to recover from his ordeal).

What with that and the dead fish we found tangled in the edge of the net today it looks like measures are going to have to be taken to protect the wildlife until the frog-spawn turns into tadpoles!