Sunday 27 April 2008

More movies and Sunday stuff

Saturday night's movie this week was Christian Slater in 'A Quiet Man'. In my youth I had quite a thing for Christian Slater, his picture adorned my rough book along with Marti Pellow (I know, I know... I had a sheltered upbringing!). I was rather shocked by his appearance in this movie where he was, well, ordinary. Rich hastened to assure me that this was prosthetics and a wig. It's a wonder what make-up artists can do! It was a strange movie. Odd cinematography although generally well written and a decent enough plot. I got a bit confused at the end, but then it was quite late and some wine had been consumed by this point, so that can't be put down to the writers or directors! Decent enough movie. I'd probably say seven out of ten.

Happily today was a Grand Prix Sunday (it's been a while). The race wasn't the worst we've seen this season, although probably not the best either. Only thirteen cars finished the race, a variety of accidents and mechanical failures took care of the rest of the field. The most dramatic moment was undoubtedly Kovalainen's 140mph crash into the barriers at the side of the track. Fortunately apart from a concussion he appears to be uninjured.

I'm off now to watch Real Madrid being mighty, after Charlton's dismal defeat yesterday I'm due some good football!