Tuesday 29 April 2008

Service disruption

It has been a long time since I've had to have a really serious rant about Virgin Media. They annoy me on a regular and sustained basis, but every so often they really take the biscuit.

Working from home today I booted up Thunderbird to check for emails. Gmail, check. My own domain, never gets any mail anyway. Ntlworld, times out. Annoying... especially as I use it to communicate with the office when I'm at home. So, off to webmail. Still no luck, error code: 1-90203. I get in by a 'try again' page. But that isn't good enough. Webmail doesn't check every ten minutes and tell you when you have mail, you have to go looking.So I ring the customer helpline. Yes, they've had a lot of complaints the chap tells me, he thinks it might be something to do with the new billing system. He suggest I try Tech Support (who cost 25p a minute). I do. They tell me the system is down. I point out that my fiancé can access his normally on a different computer. Well, he shouldn't be able to I'm told. It will be back to normal, apparently, after 5th May... a week away! That is all the advice they can offer me. Thanks for nothing Virgin. I'd better get my £1.50 back for that phonecall.

Virgin Media... or Very Mediocre as I (not so) affectionately have occasion to call them.