Wednesday 2 April 2008

The Old Hosptial

I've been wondering what is going on with the old hospital for a while now. Every time I went to Phsyio I'd see the hoardings and mean to visit the website when I got home, and then forget all about it, until the next time. This morning I read a post on The Greenwich Phantom: A New Heart for East Greenwich which brought me right up to date.

In the course of my work I often have occasion to research planning applications. It is disappointing that unlike other Boroughs there are not scans of the complete documentation available on-line, and one must instead take a visit to the council offices. I found the First Base website a bit light on content too. There is a lot more information that could be given!

I'm always very interested in large mixed use developments, especially ones 'in my back yard'. This one and the Love Lane one in Woolwich are both on an extremely large scale, and it will be interesting to see how they develop.