Tuesday 22 April 2008

Earth Day

According to my wall calendar today is 'Earth Day'. I had to check this on-line as my wall calendar isn't to be trusted. It has nothing listed for tomorrow, for example, even though tomorrow is St. George's Day. I'd say it was because my calendar isn't religious... but it lists religious feast in several languages for multiple religions. I checked and neither St Andrew (Scotland) or St David (Wales) get a look-in. St Patrick does of course (you don't have to be Irish to celebrate Paddy's Day after all). I digress.

Today is 'Earth Day'. Originally conceived by a US Senator all the way back in 1970 it is now (according to the might of the internet) a global holiday. Hmm. Not convinced. I couldn't find anything to tell me what was happening in London, for example. Do we really need a 'Day' to remind us that we should care for the environment? Not any more. Just another way of daily life, that is how I see it.