Thursday 3 April 2008


I've been wandering in cyberspace this morning reading various pages and articles relating to the many facets of sustainability. I've been delving into global warming and climate change, amongst other things. Some people are certain that it is definitely happening, other are certain that it definitely isn't happening. The strangest thing is that they seem to be using different parts of the same figures to prove their points. Confused yet? I am.

The most certain thing is that human activity needs to change. Whether or not you want to believe in global warming and climate change there is one simple inescapable fact. The earth's resources are limited. We have to find a different way of doing things because one day there will be no more fossil fuels, there will be no trees, and water will be harder and harder to find.

Solar power, wind power, geo-thermal power - they are all abundant and they are renewable. Instead of throwing our waste into deep holes in landfill we need to see what can go around again (and maybe even again). Because, when it's gone, it's gone. We've only got one planet, after all.