Wednesday 23 April 2008


For some time I've been considering getting a new phone for the house. We had a digital phone with an extension upstairs in the bedroom, which was great. The trouble was that the display on the downstairs phone was going, which meant you couldn't double check the number you had dialled, but other than that it all worked OK. Then last week the upstairs phone started acting up. The sound quality decreased to virtually nothing (it sounded like a force 10 gale was blowing down the line) and the button '1' ceased to function. Basically you couldn't dial any telephone number requiring '1' including calling the extension downstairs.

That was all the motivation I needed. For a while I'd had my eye on a rather attractive (and funky) model from BT called 'Mango'. It's a rather fetching combination of white and pale orange. And you can stick your sim card into the base unit to transfer numbers from your mobile. Sounds cool. Trouble is that it retails for well over £100 in quad- and tri-packs. Bit hard to justify spending that much on the house phone. Then I saw it on sale at half price from Argos. Trouble was it was out of stock for home delivery and out of stock for in store collection (I hate it when that happens, you see a really good deal on-line but can't actually find anywhere to sell it to you). Then I did a search and found another company selling it for just about half price too. Hurrah! So I ordered the quad-pack (indulgent, I know) and they arrived on Monday.

Of course, in the manner of these things, they had to charge for 24 hours. But now the new phone system is up and running and not only is there a phone in the bedroom and the living room, but also the kitchen and the pink room! Superb. The new phones are about as complicated as a mobile phone, but I'm sure we'll soon get to grips with them.