Monday 7 April 2008

Motoring On Today (MOT)

Despite the earlier gloomier prognosis that the car would not be ready to be collected by half past five I received a call at 10 before five to let me know that the car was in fact ready.

I arrived at the Testing Station to find an argument ensuing as to whether the car was in fact ready to leave of not (something to do with a clip and the chassis). It was eventually decided that, yes, the car was ready; whereupon further chaos ensued with invoices, certificates and keys.

Finally I parted with £160 (ouch) and took the car home. This is the worst MOT yet. The first one needed some bulbs replacing, the second one was passed with flying colours; this one needed a new shock absorber. I have no idea what, where or why the shock absorber is - only that it added over £100 to the cost of the MOT (ouch again). Slightly better than expected though, as I was expecting to have to shell out for new tyres. Just an advisory note saying that the tyre treads are getting low - as soon as there is money in the pot I guess I'll shell out for some new ones.

Expensive things cars. Environmentally unfriendly; and then there is the financial cost - tax, insurance, MOT and the rest. I'm not even going to consider (given the light usage the car gets) how much it costs me per mile. The problem is, it is just too useful to be without (even living in London).