Monday 7 April 2008

I'm only sleeping

One of the most annoying things in the world, I find, is not being able to sleep properly. I love to sleep... I could probably list it on my CV as a hobby. If it was an Olympic sport I'd definitely be competing. The various steroids I took last month messed with my sleep pattern to the point where I was only getting about four hours sleep a night. Beyond irritating. I usually could fall asleep OK, I just couldn't stay asleep. I did find that the wee small hours were extremely productive, similar to working in the office on a public holiday or a weekend.

The last couple of weeks I've had the opposite problem, too much sleeping. Maybe it is the last vestiges of the medication leaving my system? Not only have I had no trouble sleeping at night, I've had no trouble sleeping in the day either! The two are generally mutually exclusive. Not yesterday though. After sleeping about five hours during the day I fell asleep last night only to wake again after a couple of hours and then I found myself totally unable to fall asleep again.

I did eventually fall asleep again (at about 5:30am) only to wake up at ten past eight after one of those annoyingly vivid dreams where you dream you are waking up. This means that you wake up extremely confused as you thought you were already awake. At least I didn't dream the postman rang the doorbell and run down and fling open the door to freezing air (it has been known).

I had to get up soon anyway. The car has to go and have it's MOT done. For those non-UK dwellers, this is a test required by the Government to be carried out on older cars annually to ensure that they are roadworthy. It is highly irritating coming, as it does, just after the road tax. More expense.