Sunday 13 April 2008

Marathon Sunday

I can't believe that it's that time of year again already. Pretty much the whole of the borough of Greenwich (and a lot of the rest of South, East and Central London) comes to a virtual standstill. I didn't think that I'd make it out to watch this year, due to my terrible cold that insists on hanging around, but I felt much better when I woke up this morning, so made my way to the end of the street.

The London Marathon starts about two and half miles from my house up on Blackheath Common and in Greenwich Park. There are three different starts to the Marathon; red, blue and green. The blue and green join up and go along the south side of Charlton near to Woolwich common, and the red start comes through Charlton itself. I watch the start on TV and then give it fifteen minutes before making my way out to the route.

I am amazed every year to see the diversity of runners. Nearly everyone seems to be running for a charity too. I always have especial gratitude for all the runners who are raising money for MS, every year (although probably not any time soon) I think that I'd like to join them.

I'm just watching the end of the race in the Mall at the moment, and amazingly (as it isn't really that far form me) it is tipping down with rain there. It is a beautiful sunny day in SE7.

I would love the BBC to do a poll one time. A poll to see how many people watching their coverage are interested in the elite races and how many people would much rather watch the regular runners. I got quite hopeful this morning when they started talking about coverage via the red button of the women's elite, but that was only because some of the other races were about to start. I don't really find running an exciting sport to watch, I'd much rather watch all the regular people running for charity and with amazing personal stories. Maybe that is just me though.

I didn't see either of the people I know who are running this year, but I don't even know which start they were at. I hope that wherever you are on the course right now guys it's going well for you. Go Dave! Go Kitty!