Tuesday 15 April 2008

Spring is sprung

Today was a working from home day. This morning was so cold I had to put the heater on as I sat at my desk and my hands turned blue!

When the sun is out it is a pretty nice day. This afternoon turned so warm that I had to turn off the heater and open the window (go figure).

I took a break from working to go and have a quick wander in the garden. Sadly necessary. As my desk is in the bedroom there isn't space for a proper office chair; only a folding chair that can be put out of the way when it isn't being used. After several hours continuous occupation one tends to feel a little stiff, so a quick turn in the sun is just what is needed.

Our previous worries over the frog-spawn (occasioned by the cold weather) have proved unfounded. The pond is teeming with tadpoles!

Tadpoles resting at the edge of the pond

Tadpoles in the centre of the pond

It isn't just the frogs and tadpoles who are celebrating the arrival of spring. The big fat pigeons have been sitting on the roof in the sunshine contemplating the garden.

The squirrels have been running up and down the fence and climbing trees.

I think they are all waiting for the empty bird-table to magically fill with nuts!

The most perplexing thing is the sudden (literally overnight) explosion of dandelions over the patio and path. To quote Douglas Adams it is a 'suffusion of yellow'.