Monday 7 April 2008

Another cold day in April

I don't think that April showers will be bringing out the flowers this year. Not if it stays as cold as it is, because then there is a good chance that it will snow.

I had to take the car to the garage for it's MOT this morning, and along the way I noticed a plethora of yellow signs on the lamp posts and lots of 'no entry' signs stacked adjacent to all the turnings. That is because this weekend is the London Marathon. This has rather caught me by surprise this year; although logically the two past weekends having successively seen the Boat Race and the Grand National logically the Marathon was inevitable. I shall be out there amongst the spectators (weather permitting) and I actually know some people running this year. Good luck Dave! Good luck Kitty!

I thought that I was quite unusual in my liking for Oreos. I randomly tried then when I stayed in New York (nearly 10 years ago now!) along with Hershey bars and other candy/cookies that made up my daily diet. For a long time Oreos couldn't readily be found in the UK. A few random grocery stores and underground concessions, but no regular supply. Until recently, that is, when Sainsbury's started stocking them. In trays, in 'snack packs' (sealed in sets of four) and tubs of Oreos Minis. I think (hope) that is must be a growing trend though as this morning I saw an advert on the side of a bus advising me to "Twist, Lick and Dunk" alongside a picture of some Oreos. All we need is for somebody to start selling Grape Jelly and my happiness will be complete!