Saturday 26 April 2008

Petrol panic and shopping trips

Today I arranged to meet my Mum at Bluewater for a shopping excursion. I decided that I had better be off early to fill up the car's tank as I had heard various rumours about impending strikes by petrol workers in a refinery in Scotland, panic buying, rising prices at the pumps (more than usual) and petrol shortages. Sure enough, the first garage I came to had a queue back onto the road and the pumps nearest the road had no unleaded. Fearing a repeat of the post-Christmas desperate hunt debacle I made my way next to Sainsbury's. Here I happily found all pumps operating and no queue (and the petrol was a penny cheaper per litre). I duly filled my tank and made off on my trip... only to find if I had held out to Asda the petrol was a penny cheaper again! C'est la vie. At least I'm probably sorted until this latest batch of silliness is over, given how often I drive the car.

That is the second strike to hit the news this week. Earlier in the week the teachers went on strike. Now, maybe it is my upbringing (nobody in my family, to my knowledge, has ever belonged to a union) but I don't approve of striking. Firstly, it doesn't often seem to achieve the stated aims and secondly, the people who are inconvenienced (usually) aren't in any position to do anything about the demands anyway. If I ever have any sympathy with a cause I lose it as soon as people go on strike. I digress.

I arrived at Bluewater extremely early to meet my mother, so had a little wander around. It is best to meet early anyway. By the time she arrived at ten it was still nice and empty and quite a pleasure to shop in (apart from the blaring advertising stand in one of the malls). I was more than a little footsore by the time I got home (although shopping all successfully accomplished). Note to self: when body says enough is enough listen and stop!

Thursday night was movie night again in our house. This time we finally got around to watching 'Happy Feet' which has been sitting around for ages waiting for us to see it. It is an absolutely charming movie... well animated, well scripted and well voiced. I thought maybe parts were a little scary for kids, but otherwise I could find no fault. Even the 'message' which animated movies often impart wasn't too corny and pretty well put across. I give it ten out of ten and thoroughly recommend it.

I was also pleased to receive a visit from my friend and her adorable ten month old son. We had a charming visit and it made me wish that we didn't live quite so far apart and could see each other more often. Seems the way with all my friends these days as they are pretty much scattered all over. I guess it makes you appreciate the visits even more when you can arrange them!