Sunday 6 April 2008

Snooze Sunday

This afternoon should have been quite exciting, as it was the Bahrain Grand Prix. So exciting that I fell asleep during the race. Apart from a few scuffles (mostly involving the British drivers) there wasn't much of interest that happened. Poll-sitter Kubica lost his place pretty much off the start, and sadly never got it back (sadly because I don't like Ferraris). Nothing so far this season has lived up to the chaos of that first race back in Melbourne when only seven of the twenty cars finished the race. Happily the F1 caravan is moving back round towards Europe, which means at least we get to watch the games live instead of having to watch them off the V+ box because they were on at 3am or similar.

After the excitement of the F1 I went off to bed and managed to sleep for the rest of the afternoon, waking up at 7pm in time to take-up the cooking of the dinner (Rich had thoughtfully already put the chicken in the oven).

The other remarkable thing about today (apart from the total boredom and huge amount of sleeping) was the snow. I awoke this morning to find a couple of inches of snow covering the garden, and more flakes falling fast. It seems to be melting away now (happily) although it is till extremely cold!!!

Snow in SE7

Last night's movie was Rocket Science. I never held out much hope for this one as it was chosen from a recommendation in the same magazine that recommended the deeply disastrous Eagle vs. Shark (which we didn't make it to the end of). Rocket Science was reasonably well acted and reasonably well scripted. There was just about a story line. The problem was that there wasn't really any point to it. I got to the end of the movie and just thought 'So what?'. Better luck next time, perhaps!