Wednesday 27 January 2010

All change please

Regular travellers who rely on the Jubilee Line from North Greenwich suffer a lot. Not just the fact that it is practically never working at weekends; but assorted delays and disruptions when it is running. Well the journey to and from work just got a little bit worse with the closure of the bus station for resurfacing workings for a hellish eight weeks.

This means that beautifully spaced and organised bus stops; where buses commence their journey based largely on route and ultimate destination is swept away to be replace by unmitigated chaos and the us of stops F & G. These are down on the main road in a lay-by. A lay-by frequently used by vehicular traffic prohibited from the bus station (that would be everything except for buses and black cabs) for drop off and pick up. The buses do have assigned stops - but when more than two arrive at the same time that doesn't mean much. And arrivals - well they've taken to abandoning passengers on the opposite site of the road!

Maybe they will finish ahead of schedule?!