Monday 9 April 2007

It's been a while

It's been a while since last I was here. My friends (hi guys) were giving me heaps for being so remiss today! Work has been crazy (poor excuse, but true) and then our computer died. RIP 'Harry'. Yep, all computers in our house have names. Sensible names. The first computer was called 'Sammy' as it had a Samsung monitor. Then came 'LT' who is a lap-top (geddit, Lap Top!) - then was 'Harry' who was a Hewlett Packard... 'HP' - Harry Potter... sad, I know. The new computer is called 'Q' as it is a Compaq... which ends with 'Q'. Invention ran out.

Anyhow. Back to the computer which died. He had a critical CPU failure, and rather than replacing the CPU and other associated bits we just got a new computer. Big time upgrade. More memory, more RAM, better processor (Dual Core - wow!). However, the new computer had to be set up etc. etc. which I leave to Rich as he is much better than these things than me! All running smoothly now. Extremely traumatic though as the new computer runs Windows Vista and Office 07. Going to take some getting used to - I may need to find a support group! LOL!

So - Bank Holiday weekend. What a relief. I really needed the break. Friday was devoted to shopping. I got up early to go the supermarket - and finally decided to eschew Asda in favour of Sainsbury. My long held belief was that Sainsbury added 30% to my bill. Not true - in fact some things are cheaper than Asda! Asda and I have been falling out for some time now... mostly because I go late in the evening (this will be an upcoming test for Sainsbury) and the shelves are always empty. What is the point in being open 24/7 if you have nothing to sell! Also my meat kept going off... and other minor but sustained annoyances (ceasing to stock lines I buy was another big one). So I decided to defect. Sainsbury's is a pleasure. The award winning Greenwich Peninsular store. Very 'Eco-friendly'. Wider aisles (emptier of people)... fully stocked shelves... we'll have to see if it is as good when it isn't 8am on Good Friday!

Had a few other errands to run... including the purchase of the ill-fated water-cooler, which after flushing through yada-yada-yada then leaked... right above the power cable. Deadly. So that went back to the shop! Did get a new electric toothbrush with my Boots points though (I love getting Boots points, they stock up so easily) - got it home to discover it wanted a shaver-plug... which our Victorian house doesn't have! Now need an adaptor. Even more annoying there was a picture on the side of the box showing that it needed a shaver plug, and I just didn't notice! Friday evening we went to the pub up the Village to watch the football. Was hoping for a nice Charlton thrashing of Man City - sadly managed only a draw - which is better than a defeat I suppose.

So that was Friday. Saturday morning was more shopping and the afternoon I spent some quality time with my Xbox. Finished off the last Spyro game and moved back to Sonic Heroes... which for some reason I find very difficult. Was surprised to note that the only games that I have finished are on the Xbox... which is my newest console!!! Fable (the reason I bought the Xbox), Tomb Raider (the last one) and Spyro. Went back to playing the Da Vinci code... which I then remembered why I hadn't touched it in nearly a year. Way too hard! I only like the games that are for "3+".

Sunday just vanished in a puff of smoke... although I didn't get up until gone 11! We watched to Grand Prix on tape... started exciting - but rather dropped off. Was very dissapointed that the promised rain did not materialise!!! Got an early night as was strangely tired after doing nothing all day!

Today I went down to Kent to see some friends (big wave to the Tonbridge Posse, I know you are reading... I dedicate this blog to you!). We had a very nice lunch in an Italian restaurant and as I nod to my diet I managed not to order a pizza, yay me! Lunch was over all to soon... and I decided to drop by my folks on the way home as I was almost passing. Mum was visiting Dad in the hopsital, but Granny and my uncle were there. Granny opened the door and stared at me for a few seconds before her brain connected and realised it was me! I guess you had to be there.

Massive traffic issues coming home. Doubled the time of the journey and got back too late to make it to the ground for kick-off (was too hungry anyway). So - that is my Bank Holiday. I'm depressed to go back to work now, as I gave in to curiosity and had to see what emails I had gotten at work over the last four days... depressingly far too many that need action for my liking. Only got three days this week as well, as another long weekend next week to allow for the ensuing exhaustion of having to drive to Ipswich for a wedding!

Well - back to the TV and my extremely comy sofa now. Just tried out my nearly-mother-in-laws new exercise machine and managed half a kilometer (how far is that in real distance) before sliding off in a sweaty heap! Time to enjoy the last few hours of this holiday weekend!