Tuesday 27 August 2013

Never, ever, ever...

 Linking up with Neely and friends

I used to be a total shoeholic. The brief period in my life when I had a flatmate was, I think, the only time I knew someone with a worse shoe habit than mine!

Husband (long before we were married) tried to instigate a strict "one pair in, one pair out" policy.

Part of my shoe-habit, I am sure, is due to my Mother's wonderful insistence that until the age of reason I wear 'sensible' shoes. I remember my first 'heels' which were in fact wedges... I nearly broke my ankle the first time out!

Since then glorious shoes have come and gone... wedges, mules, stilettos, kitten heel peep-toes and everything in between.

Last week I was shopping for some summer shoes (that aren't my bright pink flat sandles) to wear to a christening.I thought that perhaps my inability to walk unaided would not be hampered by some nice sturdy heeled shoes or some happily balancing wedges.Helping hands in the shoe shop proved otherwise. Floor and I were close to making contact at completely the wrong angle!

Never, ever, ever will I be able to walk around in elegant heels, show off my feet and complain about how much they hurt at the end of the night. Flat granny shoes for me only now on. My feet are bereft.

These are my 'movie star shoes'. I refuse to throw them away. I didn't buy them at first because they were quite expensive and I thought I wouldn't get enough use from them. Then I changed my mind, went back and bought them anyway. They make my feet feel like Marilyn Munroe. Due to my intransigent toes I can't even get my feet in them anymore... but I keep them still to remember the good old shoe days.