Saturday 18 April 2009

Wrapping up the week

Yesterday was a busy day. I started out at 8am with a trip to the dental hygienist; we'll not go into how much it annoys me to have to pay a premium price for a service that my dentist used to perform as part of my check-up; the whole experience was rather unpleasant given my lack of attention to visiting the dentist over the last decade or so. My teeth are shiny and clean now... and I have helpful tips from a professional for better oral hygiene. If it saves £45 for half an hour I'm doing it!

Next time for a brief trip to the shops down on the rain soaked peninsula before going home to wait for the Avonex nurse. It turned out that I hadn't forgotten much, and the joy of not having to mix the injection almost made up for having to do the injection myself wihtout the benefit of an auto-injector. Good grief, I'd forgotten how big the needle was though, I really had to psych myself up!

Later on I took Rich for his trip to the dentist; which then engendered another trip to the Peninsula to pick up antibiotics. As I'd been mooching around the shops there whilst Rich was at the dentist this was the third trip of the day!

So much time had passed since I took the injection that I thought maybe I was getting away without any side-effects. Not to be. They kicked in with aches and pains and hot and cold, and generally feeling like the beginning of a bout of the flu. Dosed up on paracetemol and took myself to bed with hot water bottles. It was a rather fragmented night as I kept waking up - but I'm almost back to normal this morning, just feeling a bit under the weather still.

I'm glad to see the back of that week. What with losing one of my precious office days to a site visit and trying to get five days work done in two days it has been pretty pressurised (to say the least). Will be taking it easy now until Tuesday.