Thursday 14 February 2008

St Valentine's Day and Phsyio

The first thing I had to do today was get up and take the vile blue steroids. For anyone who has never had to take them the horrible taste cannot be understated. Drinking peach juice before during and after does help some (although the peach juice I got this time doesn't seem as strong as the stuff I had before) as I can still taste the horrid metallic/chemical taste six hours later!

Rich and I exchanged cards and gifts, today being February 14th. With great self sacrifice Rich had bought be the appropriately soppy 'Four Weddings and a Funeral' on DVD. Also a rather cute 'Tatty Teddy' holding a rose (ah, bless) and much to my delight the update of one of my favourite games ever (Fable) for PC. Hope my laptop will play!

Next it was off to Physio. Gruelling. My Physio was late arriving as there had been an accident on the A2 (which will cripple the entire Greenwich area when it happens). I was amused by the antics of the medical centre staff who appeared to be trying to get the fire alarm serviced, but had lost the key for the room in which the control panel was located (or so I assumed). There was suggestion of crawling through the ceiling void, and an attempt to dismantle the door before it was decided to call a locksmith.

Phsyio itself was gruelling. After re-aligning my rotated something or other in my pelvis (which seemed like more than enough effort for one day) I was introduced to a delightful exercise to tilt my pelvic something-or-other-else and thus improve my core stability. Apparently my middle section is generally missing from the equation which is why when I lose my balance I find it so hard not to topple over. This exercise requires me to lie on my back and tilt my pelvis to the floor - thus discovering a whole heap of muscles which I never knew I had, and only know I have now because they are very sore. This must be done ten times a day for a count of ten. Ouch!

Back home, back to bed. Interspersed with a hot bath to try and soothe the aching muscles! Got Fable installed on the computer. Was given a message saying that my graphics card isn't up to it - happily followed by the option to ignore, which I did. Hurrah. Fable is back. And although better graphics etc. the map is the same as the Xbox, which means that reassuringly I know exactly where I am going all the time! Joy!