Friday 15 February 2008

Back in Bed (Day 2)

Already bored of being in bed. The problem is that you don't really feel up to doing anything. So end up lying around watching daytime TV (oh no!). Or wandering aimlessly on the internet (seriously, when I was a student, how did I spend so much time doing that - the internet was smaller then as well!). Or reading... or most importantly, sleeping. I had forgotten the worst side effect of steroids (for me, anyway). They totally mess with your sleep patterns. Bah.

We were allowed to bring our cat home from the vet today. Poor Molly. She had to have a tumour taken off her liver. She'd been throwing up for no reason (and we'd accused her of being bulimic) but had seemed OK apart from that. We took her to the vet, who did some tests and then operated. She is VERY happy to be home... and seems pretty spry for a mature cat who has just had major surgery! So we'll be helping each other recuperate then!

In amongst the napping I played some of my other new Xbox 360 game to today. The incomparable Lego Starwars Complete saga. Many people would ask why. I have played both parts of the trilogy (to completion) on the PS2 and I have played the Complete Saga on the DS. Answer. New levels (etc.) in the Trilogy... which by the nature of the DS are different on the platform to a big screen platform... and also AMAZING graphics. Wow. I really would love to play the Xbox360 on an HD TV. It must be something else!