Saturday 2 February 2008

Shopping Saturday

I went out to do a bit of shopping this afternoon. First stop PC World and Halfords. PC World to see about a new printer for the desktop computer... having recently got a nice new one for the laptop. The reason that the desktop needs a new printer? Overflowing ink waste on the current one. Apparently it has to be sent away to Canon to get fixed. On a £20 printer? I don't think so! Add to this the fact that if an all in one printer/scanner could be found the problem of no scanner at the desktop would be solved. The last scanner doesn't yet have a Vista compatible driver. Problem was, couldn't find a printer that would fit in the gap available! Have to keep on looking I guess.

Next stop Halfords. Requirement - new rear view mirror. My current one is hanging by a thread. Literally. The helpful chap who directed me to the glue told me that these were only quick fixes and that really I needed to get it heat bonded to fix it for good. Ho hum.

Next stop Sainsbury's for a few extra supplies. I haven't been there enough since they re-opened after their re-fit to be able to find everything yet. So, the whole experience is still slightly annoying as I struggle to find what I'm looking for. Saturday afternoon isn't a good time to try, I've never seen it so busy.

Last stop B&Q for some energy saving lightbulbs. I also bought a set of socket remote controls. Amazing stuff. You plug in your appliances (lamps in my case) leave them on and then switch the sockets off by remote control. Twenty quid for three sockets, not bad at all.

Not bad afternoon shopping. Still haven't got around to actually fitting the mirror yet though!