Friday 22 February 2008


Sometimes things are just too darned simple for me to work out! So absolutely obvious that I manage to confuse the whole process with issues that just aren't.

Case in point. My iPod.

The library is finally back to where it should be. All the songs have album art (yep, my strange little obsession). But that wasn't it. I wanted Podcasts!

Travelling with bags and sticks is chaotic and disorganised. Reading books and papers with one hand on a a bag and the other on a stick is virtually impossible. So when one travels one would like to be amused by the spoken word. Podcasts seemed just the ticket. So... I dully visited the iStore and subscribed to a a few Podcasts. Hurrah.

I plugged in my iPod. The library synched. No podcasts. Strange.

I tried the iStore helpdesk. Update your software. Check. Is your computer authorised check.

Still no Podcasts!

This went on for days (since Saturday actually). The mystery remained... and pages of 'stereo instructions' awaited.

Then I noticed something. When I plugged my iPod in and looked at iTunes the page that came up with my iPod details wasn't alone. There were a whole list of tabs along the top. Tabs that corresponded to the missing items... movies, TV shows and yes, you guessed it, Podcasts. The iPod doesn't know to download them to itself unless you tell it to! Oh, so simple!

Now I can lie back and relax with Podcasts!