Sunday 24 February 2008

Another Technobimbo moment!!!

I don't know what is going on with me at the moment. I never used to be so useless with technology.

This morning I got my coffee maker out. It has been a while. It is my special Sunday treat, you see. Rich doesn't like coffee (huge understatement!) - he can't stand even the smell. I'm not a coffee addict. Ergo, if I want coffee in the week I drink instant. I like 'proper' coffee though. So, Sunday morning I brew up the coffee machine. Rich rises late... it is finished by the time he gets up. All happy.

This morning I filled up the reservoir. I added the coffee grounds. I turned on the machine. Strange loud whining sound fills the kitchen. I turn off the machine. Noise stops. I turn the machine back on. Strange loud whining sound. I hit the machine. No difference. Oh dear I think. The machine is broken. Maybe it will stop when the coffee is brewed. No. Coffee brews. Strange loud whining noise continues. Can't switch off the machine though as if you are not making espresso the machine needs to stay on to keep the coffee hot. Oh dear. I'll just put up with the noise. It is really loud though.

I drink a cup of coffee. I eat breakfast. I potter some. I decide to get more coffee. The noise continues unabated. Strange that it seems to be coming from the espresso side of the machine. I twiddle some bits. Then I press the milk frother button. The noise stops. The strange loud whining noise? That was the rotation of the milk frother attachment. Oh dear.