Sunday 24 February 2008

Parking in the Street

It is still pretty busy out in our street. The replacement of "London's Victorian Water Mains" continues along Littleheath (as well as numerous other places in the Borough) and the traffic control continues to be located just past the end of our street. This continues the interdiction for parking along large parts of Littleheath as well as the continued use of the end of our street for site compound and welfare facilities (and associated disabling of parking bays).

Last year Greenwich Council balloted residents about the extension of the Greenwich Controlled Parking Zone (CPZ). The CPZ used to operate in this area when I first moved here (it was a 'function' of the operation of the Millennium Dome). It didn't particularly bother me as our house is blessed with off-street parking. Once the Dome packed up so did the CPZ in this area... although it continues to operate across large swathes of the Borough. When the forms came round last year I voted for it back. The parking in this street and others is chaotic, and I felt could do with some control. In minority it seems as this area remains free from the CPZ. More is the pity.

The suspension of several bays in the street along with the extra traffic generated from the suspension of parking on the main road means that space in our street is beyond premium. This all meant that when I wanted to pop out to the shops yesterday afternoon I was blocked into my driveway (not for the first time in recent weeks). Usually I go out to the offending vehicle and leave a note under the windscreen asking them not to park across my drive. Usually I don't want to immediately drive out of my driveway.

Rich pointed out that the car probably belonged to someone visiting our next-door neighbour. I responded that I didn't care and moreover didn't have time to shuffle up and down the street ringing doorbells (clearly I wasn't having a good afternoon). So I rather inexcusably got into my car and sounded the horn until the driver of the car appeared to move the offending (offensive) vehicle. The story doesn't end here though. I happily drove off to go and buy my 'Glowhite' and get the car washed. Apparently the miscreant then returned the car to its previous location across my driveway! Why would you do that? Rich at this point went and knocked on the door and asked them if they would mind awfully moving the car from across our driveway as obviously the car and I would be coming home again!

Back to my favourite theme. The problem with the world... nobody has any manners any more, because that was just plain rude!