Wednesday 6 February 2008

More trouble on the Jubilee Line

There will soon be very little point in attempting to travel on the Jubilee Line. I again missed chaos this morning by arriving at work before seven - half an hour later various parts of the line became suspended. Today's reason - power failure. This caused a train of people to be evacuated (eventually) through the tunnel during the rush hour. The knock-on effects lasted all day. Just before I left the office in the evening I checked the status of the line. Hurrah a 'good service' was being reported. In the five/ten minutes it takes to get from my office to Green Park the line broke again. By the time I reached Green Park there was no service eastbound and the line was suspended between Green Park and Stratford.

How else to get to North Greenwich? Orphaned as it is on the Jubilee Line. I opted in the end for a 188 via Docklands. Probably should have got the 53 down the Old Kent Road. The bus was heaving. The driver kept up a stream of public service announements "keep all you bags and wallets close, pick pockets may operate" and called all the stops (amazing how many people have no idea of the geography of London above ground!). His cheery demeanour eventually faded and by the time we got to Greenwich he was refusing to move the bus until passengers ceased standing on the upper deck. A reasonable request given the huge red sign on the staircase stating this interdiction (no excuse that "It must be ten years since I've been on a bus"). Two hours after I left work I arrived home. I might have well as worked late!