Monday 18 February 2008

Bug time again

Regular readers may remember my observations of dozens of ladybugs sunbathing on the rear elevation of my house in the autumn sunshine last year, and my subsequent concern at the amount of ladybugs moving into my bedroom for their annual hibernation spree.

The recent mild weather, or possibly my being confined to bed and having the heating on quite a lot seems to have woken them all up. There now appear to be around a dozen ladybugs in the room, all trying to get out of the closed window. This is an approximate guess, as they do like to fly around a lot (wow, is that an annoying sound). I did for a while try opening the window and tipping them out, but they seem to be exceptionally reluctant to actually leave (maybe because it is cold outside). It sill concerns me what they are going to eat whilst they are stuck in my bedroom though!

Ladybug uses the computer!

Collection of ladybugs trying to find the way out!

One lone explorer!

More bugs trying to get out!